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Civil Engineering Basic Knowledge – Every Engineer Must Know

Practical and Basic Knowledge of Civil Engineering: As civil engineers, it is our job to plan, construct, and maintain the infrastructure that allows our communities...
Compound wall estimate with bar bending schedule, boundary wall estimate

Compound Wall Estimate Guide with Bar Bending Schedule

Compound Wall Estimate – A Step-by-Step Guide With Bar Bending Schedule If you are planning a building project, it's important to get an accurate estimate...
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Flight of Stairs | How Many Flight of Stairs per Floor | Design Criteria

What is Flight of Stairs | How Many Flight of Stairs per Floor | How Many Steps in a Flight of Stairs Need help figuring...
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How to Calculate Load on Footing for Structural Support

How to Calculate Load on Footing for Structural Support In this blog post, we will explain how to calculate load on building footing and the...
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Calculate Bar Bending Schedule for One Way Slab

Calculate Bar Bending Schedule for One Way Slab | Steel Quantity for One Way Slab Bar bending schedules are vital in determining the quantities of...
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How to Calculate Quantity of Concrete Volume for Staircase

How to Calculate Quantity of Concrete Volume for Staircase with Materials: The volume calculation is one of the most important steps in constructing a staircase....
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Dog Legged Staircase, Components & Design of Dog Legged Stair

Dog Legged Staircase | Components and Design of Dog Legged Stair: In this article we will discuss Dog Legged Staircase and their facts, advantages, disadvantages,...
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Curing Concrete – How Long it Takes & How To Cure

Curing Concrete | Method of Curing | Purpose of Curing | Minimum Curing Period of Concrete The article will clearly explain the Find out the...
In this article: What is Gable Roof, Types, Parts, Advantages and Disadvantages, Historical Development, Cost of Gable Roofing Construction, How Long Can The Roof Last

Gable Roof | Types of Gable Roof | Parts Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Gable Roof | Types and Parts of Gable Roof | Advantages and Disadvantages of Gable Roof  Gable Roof: Roofs are an essential part of...
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Structural Load Calculation on Beam Colum Slab and Staircase

Structural Load Calculation | Load Calculation on Beam, Colum, Slab, Wall and Staircase | Size Calculation for Footing or Foundation: In a frame-type structure, we...